We all love girls and so does the Hipsbear. I tell you how to get them, hold them, make them (and you) happy and if you feel to – get rid of them too. But let’s start with how to get & hold them for the beginning. Ready to start?



You only have one life, better live it to the fullest. Lifestyle, money, jobs, online business, you will find everything here. I will tell you all you my secrets to live a happy and fulfilling life. And I will show you some stuff I like.



Having an awesome body under my bearskin wasn’t easy to achieve. I’m telling you my secrets to have a good shaped body and be recognized by girls too. It doesn’t matter, if you’re a beginner, or a professional. Just go for it!

The Hipsbear knows best.

Yes, the Hipsbear knows best: Girls, cars, food, money, dating, muscles, watches, workout, sex, lifestyle, sports,… You name it, the Hipster talks about it, bro. Every week you’ll get some new ideas, information and stuff. Currently, this awesome dude even writes an ebook, which he will give you for free. One must simply love this crazy, fury guy. If he is in expert mode, he usually is smoking his pipe as you will probably recognize. Is there any more to say? Well, just go ahead and have a look around! You will be amazed.

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