12 Weird Things All Couples Fight About

Being in a relationship has its great moments, right? Being with the person that lights up your day and having fun with them, sharing secrets and other personal things. Isn’t it nice? But then, there are the not sooo great moments where you may get annoyed with your partner. Probably she tends to do things differently from you or think about them differently. Or everything is just a chaos. Let’s see.


Deciding what or where to eat

Everyone that has been in a relationship can relate with. You come home from work, (because you’re still not working online) open the fridge and see, that there’s nothing you like. Maybe you’re just feeling lazy to prepare anything and you ask your girlfriend she wants to go out eating. Usually she’s yelling “Yeah!” but then the question that changes everything is coming: “What do you want to eat?” The reply of “Whatever”, hoping she will come up with an idea or what she likes, gets the idea shut down very fast. This can be a cause of many huge fights. I’m telling you how to stop that in my course.

Watching movies or TV shows without each other

After you started dating for a couple of months and move in with each other, there’s one special thing you always do. You watch movies or new episodes of your favorite shows together. The unwritten rule remains, that you can’t watch them without the other. So, once you find out that you’re significant other has already seen that movie/show episode without you that can make you feel kind of betrayed. Fact.

Keeping the toilet seat up or down

70% of all men: Ladies, we know that we need to work more on this one because if you’re a dude and the toilet seat is down when you go to pee, you absolutely have to put that thing up because no matter how hard you try accidents can happen and you can basically pee all over the toilet seat just because you got too lazy for 2 seconds.

30% of all men: I sit down while peeing, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Being a bear, I don’t care.

How many times your girlfriend (or you) press the snooze button

There are two kind of people in the world: those who wake up with the first alarm and those who need to snooze 8 times before gathering up the courage to face this world. For the latter kind those 10-20 extra minutes of sleep may feel like heaven. You know that you have that little extra time to sleep for a bit longer. But if you’re the other kind of person waking up hearing the first alarm that thing will annoy you a lot. Having to wake up at 7 a.m. and hearing the first alarm around 6 a.m. and then continuously for the next hour can be very annoying. I know what I’m talking about.


This thing has even ruined marriages. If you’re a person that needs complete silence in order to sleep this can be a pretty big thing to deal with, because trying to sleep next to someone that is doing their best impression of a chainsaw can be very challenging for sure.

Taking long to get ready

Many guys can relate to this, you decide to go out for dinner and you have a reservation for 9 p.m. So naturally you start getting ready before to be there in time. You check the clock it’s 8:30 and you check on your girlfriend, she just came out of the shower and has yet to pick what she is going to wear tonight. This could be said about guys too, but then my friends, it would be a lie.

Farting or burping

Many guys or women think that this can be a pretty disgusting thing to do around other people. But then there are also people who think, after dating that person for a longer period, you get to know them better. By getting more comfortable, somehow, they earn the freedom to burp and fart without the slightest regret.

Washing the dishes

OK, this is serious business now. This can be a really big deal when it comes to fights within a relationship. There are many people who want to have their kitchen clean. As soon as they finish eating, they want to do the dishes. On the other hand, there are the ones who just don’t think it’s that important to wash dishes right after eating. Many couples have gone into huge fights about this.

Rooting for opposing teams

If you love sports and you keep being a fan of your favorite team no matter where you go this can be a pretty big thing. There are couples which, when the game day comes, just stop talking to each other. They continue talking finally, when the game is over because otherwise things could get nasty.

Not wanting to hang out with your friends

This thing can happen to both men and women. Many of us have been there, we start dating a woman and things go great. After a while there comes the time to meet with their friends, and surprise, you have nothing in common with them. This can cause couples serious problems. Whatever you do, don’t tell her, her friends are stupid weirdos. I tried once and can’t recommend that.

Picking what to watch on TV

After feeling betrayed by your girlfriend because she watched your favorite TV show without you, you decide to watch something else on TV tonight. Maybe it’s just a random Tuesday night and you have nothing else to do. You decide to watch a movie tonight and find a nice action movie on Netflix. Suddenly your girlfriend comes close to you. “Hey, what about that new movie XY where this guy falls in love with blablabla…” You know what I’m talking about.

Cleaning the bathroom

This can be a big thing as well, when it comes to fighting with your partner. Seriously, everyone hates cleaning the bathroom, but it’s something that needs to be done. You could get a routine by changing from week to week or you just get yourself some help for the housekeeping. It might probably save your relationship.


Have you experienced the same? Is there something missing from your experience? Let me know!

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