40 Ultimate Tinder Openers That Will Improve Your Game

This is it – the ultimate list post on Tinder openers. We’ve all been there. You both swipe right and then you say simply “hi” or “hello” and after two or three messages she either stops replying to you or she unmatches you. Rightly so, because you’re boring her with those lines. Just imagine that almost every single guy uses those uninspired lines and on Tinder chicks have a short attention span, they won’t see how “wonderful” you are and the great personality that you have. They want something that will attract their attention, lines that will make them think, laugh or feel like you just made fun of them in a cocky way. Make sure as well to stay away from the self-deprecating lines, even though they may sound funny to you, to her they may sound desperate and make you look like you’re selling yourself short. The over-aggressive lines don’t tend to work out that well either and you’ll just end up making yourself look like an idiot or a creep. Always use funny, witty and smart lines for the best results. Always keep in mind that different women respond to different lines, some respond to the funny ones and the others like the bolder lines.  Remember, you want to stand out from the legions of dudes with crap, unimaginative one-liners and now you can. Read on, champ.


You are so adorable that you make a baby deer look like a pile of shit

Let’s start with this one, it’s funny and it will surely let her know that you’re creative. The funny part is the exaggeration and the fact that you’re bold enough to write it as an opener.


I’d like to cover you in peanut butter and see how much I could lick off before my peanut allergy killed me

This one l is funny too; you’re implying sexuality while at the same time making it funny without sounding like you’re a freaking creep that is watching her while she’s taking a shower (even though you want to do that).


Prettiest smile on tinder

Not every opener has to be funny, a compliment can do the trick sometimes, even if it’s cheesy and a bit over the top. Make sure you let her know that you were going for a cheesy pickup line deliberately. It’ll make her smile broader, trust me.


You’ll be my wife for sure

Bold AF. This is definitely funny and it makes you stand out from the others. You’re letting her know from the beginning that you can crack jokes. Marriage jokes work like a charm sometimes and I’ve tried it myself and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work more often than inot.


You definitely look like a troublemaker

This is a different kind of approach. Let’s call it a counter-intuitive line and it can work like a charm. Some women like puzzles and she will ask you why you think that she’s a troublemaker and you can answer in a funny way for many reasons as to why she’s dangerous for you. Be creative, but funny here.

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Finally I found what I was looking for

The over the top funny ones never go out of style, it works because it’s funny and honestly it’s worked for me many times. I know that you may think it’s too cheesy, but that is exactly the point, saying things that are hugely exaggerated.


I’ve had to swipe left 921 times just to find you

Exaggeration at its finest, there are many questions that she will ask for this or just laugh and that means that you’ve already broken the ice.


I get the feeling that you’re everything that I don’t want in a woman

This is cocky and bold and you have to play it carefully and let her know that you’re joking around as in you’re afraid that she’s bad for you. If you can pull this off you’re a master!


Wassup Tinderella?

I believe this is a bit self-explanatory you just mix up Cinderella with Tinder and you get Tinderella. It’s both funny and witty. You also have to admit that Tinderella sounds pretty cool as a nickname, so she won’t be mad at you for giving  it to her – and this might help you get to give it to her too, if you know what I mean.


You look like my future wife

We’ve entered the funny department yet again, where you’re being cocky by stating that yeah you’re going to be my wife and at the same time you sound hilarious.


How does this work, it means that we’re dating, right?

I’m sure that this line can get you a long way with women on Tinder. You’re joking with her and implying that you’re down to meet up with her as soon as possible.


Tonight, my place, you bring wine, I bring pizza and we both bring cuddles

Assertive and dominating but in a funny way, as you can see the beginning of the sentence is very dominating but once she’s read the end of the sentence you’ll get at least a smile from her.


You’re so hot that you made me forget my pickup line

It’s a simple compliment that may be cheesy but can get a lot of responses. Don’t forget to continue the joke even when she answers you, as it will make it even funnier.


Do you believe in love at first swipe?

A bit cheesy I admit, but it works like a charm.


Are you a good cuddler? I might let you join my cuddle gang

It’s funny and witty, a recipe for success on Tinder. Plus, it has a cool sounding name, The Cuddle Gang, who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?


I’m planning a bank heist, you in?

It’s funny, plain and simple. Sometimes it’s better not to complicate things and try hard because women can smell desperate men like sharks smell blood.


Touché, I like your swiping!

This is a personal favorite because I made many girls laugh with this line.


You win a free ticket to anywhere in the world for a week but you have to leave immediately, where do you go?

If you see from her bio that she likes to travel or she is adventurous it’s not bad to ask questions that make her decide quickly. It can also show her that you have a similar interest in travel and guess what? Bingo! That makes you more compatible.


Let’s cut the crap and go out for a drink

This can be a bold move and it won’t always work, but if it does believe me the benefits will be sweet. In other words you let her know that you’re not afraid to go out and meet her in person and not hide behind the screen of your phone.


You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Michael Scott

Many people have seen the office and know that Michael Scott didn’t actually say that, but it’s a great icebreaker. After all, a response is what you need to start a conversation and if a fake quote helps then so be it. You can always admit later that you made it up to make her laugh.


On a scale from 1 to America how free are you tonight?

It might’ve been used before, but still it can get her attention. Cheesy pickup lines sometimes work like a charm and this one is no different.


I am a Nigerian prince and I can make you very rich, I just need your phone number for that

Everyone is familiar with the Nigerian prince scam of the 90s; this is just a funny spin on that. It will definitely get you some replies from women.


*Insert a funny/witty pickup line*

Sarcastic and funny both at the same time. Since you can find different kinds of women on Tinder you will definitely find some sarcastic ones and this line can work out perfectly in those cases.


Is your name WI-FI? Because I’m feeling a connection

This is again quite self-explanatory. It might be one of the cheesiest on this list but that’s the point, you need to show that you don’t care and you know how to be funny.


Truth or Dare? I’ll start if you’re too shy to do it

This is an all or nothing move. It is risky for sure, but if it works you can learn more from her in the next 5 minutes than some people do in 10 dates.


Did you know that you’re the hottest, (insert her name here)?

It’s playful and funny, I’ve used it myself a couple of times and it worked on occasion. If you see from her bio and pictures that she’s a smiling person that looks like she likes cheesy jokes, definitely try this one.


Star Trek or Star Wars? There is only one correct answer

This goes for all the nerds out there, if she’s a fan of either of them you win and you can get the conversation going from there.


Should I hit you with the corniest pickup line on earth? Or we can skip that

You will stand out from the rest with this – if she says that she wants to hear the pickup line, you can pick one up from here and if she refuses you just continue talking to her. Mission accomplished.


I want our love to be like pi, irrational and never ending

Again if you see that she has anything math related in her bio or pictures you can go for the nerdy/cheesy pickup lines and it will definitely work.


Pheeew!! This was a close one, I almost accidentally swiped left

Show’s interest from the beginning and it’s definitely funny so why not give it a shot?


If you could marry a Game of Thrones character, which would it be?

Unless you live under a rock and hate fantasy shows you will know the names of some Game of Thrones characters. It will be a great icebreaker and give you many things to talk about without making the conversation become awkward and boring.


We’re a match, so I’m guessing we should set up a wedding date, right?

Marriage jokes are always funny with many women, as long as you don’t cross the creepy line and you make sure you give the vibe that you’re cool and funny.


How do I tell my dog that he’s adopted?

Use this line especially if you see any animals in her pictures or if anything animal-related is mentioned in her bio.


Tinder brought us together for a reason and that reason is definitely babies

A ballsy line for sure and it can backfire sometimes but in the cases when it works, it will make it a lot easier for you to get her number or go out with her.


Excuse me, is there something in your eye? Nope, I was wrong, it’s just a sparkle

Funny, cheesy and a bit sexual. You can’t go wrong with this and should definitely try this one.


My parents are so excited to meet you!

This can be funny in some cases, only if you continue the joke after she answers. Make sure to continue the conversation with this joke, tell her why your parents can’t wait to meet her and how they liked her from the pictures.


I’m totally down to lie to our children about how we actually met.

Many people still feel awkward to tell other people that they’ve met each other on Tinder. This makes it funny and sexual so don’t be afraid to use this line.


Two truths and a lie; ready, set and GO!

This is an engaging opener and it will help to reveal many things about her. If she answers you with a serious response it doesn’t mean that you have to do the same thing. Remember, light-hearted responses never killed anyone.


What song title would you use as the title of your autobiography?

You get to learn about music that she listens to and have more things to talk about with her. It’s a win-win situation.


Pineapple on pizza, or not?

This is a matter of taste. I know many people who hate pineapple on their pizzas but I also know people, who love it. Either way it is definitely a nice conversation starter.


Got the point? It’s important not to forget that these are icebreakers and openers. Once you’ve done that you need to continue conversing in the same way. Try and add a cocky or funny line every now and then. Don’t be a complete macho all the time cause it will make you look insecure, as if you’ve learned all your lines like a script.


On the other side make sure that it’s not all jokes, try and set up a date as soon as possible because physical contact is much more effective than talking through a screen. I guarantee you that, if you just continue with the cocky and funny stuff while on a live date, your success will skyrocket. I’ve been through this personally, from the shy guy to the guy that literally had to plan dates days ahead and you will start getting tired from all the attention you will get, but it’ll be so worth it!


If you’ve got any good icebreakers, let me know.

Otherwise, just go for it, dude!


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