6 Things You Must Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

You want to be successful, right? People say one should develop more skills and abilities to be successful. As good as it sounds, this strategy can have you stay up at late nights trying to learn something new, which may not be that easy. But what if you already have some great skills but the success is still beyond reach? Well, my answer may be surprising to you.


Why keep on adding new things when we can give up the bad ones that keep us behind the others? The success can be reached by eliminating the things that stand on our way to it!

The good news is that you can begin right away and get rid of some of them even today! Let me walk you through this issue. I have prepared an awesome list of things you should give up as soon as you can. See whether some of these apply to you.


  1. Give up the dependency on social media


How many times have you seen people choosing to browse Facebook and Twitter when they were supposed to do other, more productive things? I see this every day and I have to tell you that this dependency does not bring you anything but a waste of time.

A recent survey of 1000 Americans that I found on Business Insider beautifully illustrates my point. 48 percent of the sample check or update Facebook even during the night and as soon as they wake up! Talk about a real addiction, right? These people forget about other things and worry about likes and updates and some of them even become depressed when they start comparing themselves to others.

Come on, guys. The world does not stop turning because of social media.

If impulsive Facebook browsing sounds similar to you, then we might have a problem here. Your dependence is a distraction from your life and your goals, so minimizing it can truly enrich your experience.


  1. Give up Multitasking


Having the ability to perform multiple tasks at one time sounds great but there is a big problem: it does not work. People cannot be effective doing several things because the brain needs to focus, neuroscience says.

Successful people stay away from multitasking because it kills their productivity. You can always tell when someone you are having a conversation with on the phone is distracted by other things, right?

Give up multitasking if you want to be successful because it is rather a distraction than a great skill. Focus on something and get it done without unnecessary stress and lower productivity.


  1. Give up on unhealthy lifestyle


Taking care of a body is one of the most important things every successful person does. Richard Branson, for example, says that making health and wellness a priority helped him to avoid a burn out in his business. The simple fact is that the key to your success is you, so taking care of yourself is vitally important to ensure that you accomplish everything you want.

In my experience, healthy diet and physical activity are the things to remember every day. All that junk food and passive lifestyle will deprive you of energy and turn you into a vegetable. For real.

On the other hand, regular exercise and healthy foods will provide you with a good amount of energy to run your errands. So, if you think you are taking the easy route by skipping a healthy meal and daily exercise, think again.


  1. Give up on playing small


You may have been playing small your entire life without even realizing its impact on your success. Think about it: how many times have you turned down a big opportunity because you were afraid of change or thought it was too overwhelming?

Even though you may have done it many times, you still have dreams about being more influential and decisive, right? Then why not take a big opportunity and let those dreams come true?

Playing small is not a good thing, believe me. If you are afraid to fail and unleash your true potential, you will never be decisive and impactful. And the world will never notice your presence.


  1. Give up the short-term mindset


It’s amazing how short-term mindset is different from the long-term one. I used to think in immediate terms as well but I quickly realized that I would never reach the desired outcome because I could not foresee my future.

By switching to a long-term mindset, I was able to change my life and you should do the same! To make sure that my long-term goals are in progress, I had to be strong and motivated even at the most difficult times. As the result, I learned how to develop short-term habits that contributed to achieving the long-term goals.

Let me illustrate what I mean with a simple example: there is a world of difference between working out for a show-off and working out because that’s who I am. Got it?


  1. Give up excuses


Excuses are a popular way to get rid of a responsibility. “Oh, I really don’t have that much expertise in marketing, you really shouldn’t use my help for this.” Does that sound familiar? What a lame excuse like this does is preventing you from taking the responsibility for your life.

Believe me, successful people take on responsibilities even if they need to go outside their comfort zone and recognize their past failures. As the result, they engage in both exciting and frightening business that adds experience and skill.

When you do the same, you will realize that excuses are a major obstacle that was holding you back all this time. It will be a new milestone in your personal development.


Concluding thoughts


Learning everything does not guarantee success but a total control over your time. As the result, the chase for new things may actually hinder your success by preventing you from unleashing your potential. My list in this article showed that they can keep you within serious limits, so you can’t let them win!

If you want to be successful in life, you need to give up as many of them as you possibly can, so if you saw something familiar on this list, feel free to change your life today!

It would be cool to know about your progress and success, so leave your comments below and share the wisdom!

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