About the Hipsbear.


Do you hate to introduce yourself as much as I do? Yes? So, why do you click on that then, huh? Why do you force me to tell you about myself? OK, I’ll do it, since it looks like you’re really interested in. I’m 10 bear years, which means about 30 in human years. I’m interested in a lot of things, but especially in girls (bears or human – they taste better!), lifestyle, money, online business, travelling, sports and similar stuff. I’m here to share my experience with you. I’m not gonna lie to you, if there is a fish or two coming out for me, I won’t be mad.



In detail, I want to tell you how to become an alpha male (or bear) who enjoys himself, to get the girl and the life of your dreams and having enough money for all your needs, while you still have enough time to live the life of your dreams. Walt Disney once said, if you can dream it, you can do it. That’s just the way it is. I will not tell you how to write a perfect CV or how to kiss your bosses a**. There are better teachers out there for stuff like this. I’m not into the 9 to 5 rat race. Yes, I also read Timothy Ferris’ 4 hour workweek. I liked it a lot, even though, not every part of it is as easy as it sounds at the beginning. I had a lot of teachers and mentors, starting from personality coaches and pick up artists to business angels and online marketers. All the stuff I learned needs to be told and that’s why I’m here now. Let me help you, or, if you don’t need any help, let me entertain you.


Alpha Male

During attending the pick up community I learned what it takes to be an alpha male and how to set things up. This was probably the most important step (even it was by coincidence) in my life. While my family used to tell me to be friendly and do what others tell me, I realized, that this won’t be the way to get the best from YOUR life. Don’t do that. One could say, this was the basement, the foundation, of all my other improvements. Not because of the girls. They come, they go and if you get the right one, she might stay. But there is much more to this. It’s about your lifestyle, the person you are and the individual you want to be. There aren’t many things more important than this. I don’t want to tell you to be a selfish a**hole, because you shouldn’t. Help others and take care of the environment, but don’t forget about you, while doing this.


Business & Fun

So, who am I? I’m an online marketer (digital nomad want-to-be) with roots to the pick up community, NLP, online businesses, start-ups and a lot of other stuff which brought me a lot of fun. Honestly speaking, fun is the most important part of my life. Oh, and I did a lot of sports & exercises too. Every part of my life, meeting girls, investing in companies, building new companies, meeting with friends, travelling, working out – and so much more – left a big footprint in my mind and lead to the personality I’m now. I have a clear mind in what I want from my life and what I don’t want. I don’t want to work around the clock for some a**hole boss, telling me what to do, even though it doesn’t make any sense for the me or the company. I don’t want to make a big concern bigger while paying with my health for it.



Yep, I had some of them. I don’t want to show off here. I could give you an idea on how you can get one (or some) too. There are pick up artists saying, you can’t stay with one girl only, others say, you can. I’m more with the others. Don’t overthink all that girl-stuff. Girls are even some kind of side-effect while becoming an alpha male. When you have bigger goals than girls only, they will chase you. Yes, also on Tinder… (Why are you constantly asking that?)



I do working out for many years now. I didn’t start for health, I always wanted to look awesome. When I grow older and more mature, I also started with cardio training to be more fit in general. I also like the challenge. OK, I f***ing love the challenge. There is nothing more satisfying, than watching yourself becoming stronger, faster, better. I did a lot of bodybuilding, but not with the goal to look like a bodybuilder. Now I’m more into crossfit and running, but I still like a good set of bench pressing and deadlifts.


Lifestyle & Travelling

If you are American, chances are, you never left the country. You should do that. I love to travel. I love America, but I also love Asia and Europe. Never been down under yet, but I will change that soon. Also in Africa I spent a nice time. You could learn a language or more and travel the world. What is holding you back? I realized, that there is much more than 9 to 5 and watching the Simpsons on TV. Don’t get me wrong, the Simpsons are awesome, but there is more in life. Homer once has even been to outer space, you remember? I also like gadgets and I like to laugh a lot.



Yes, there is a blog. It’s hard to publish everything myself, so there are Hipsbear’s Little Helpers, writing for me. It might be not the professional Hipsbear content you’re used to, but there are some ideas and guides as well. I’m preparing my premium classes in the meantime, to be able to provide the best information you can get. I read a lot of books, blogs and stuff and I learned (at least for me) that there is lot of crap available and a lot of people earning money telling stories. I try to avoid that and just stay to the facts. Stories are to be told, when they help to make a point more clear, that’s it.


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