Bodybuilding and Tinder – What Girls Really Want

Have you ever thought about gaining more muscles to impress girls on Tinder? Are you thinking about having a massive biceps, to show off while drinking a beer in a bar? Maybe you even signed up at the hardcore Bodybuilding gym around the corner already and made plans for your diet. Don’t get me wrong – eating healthy and working out is always a good idea. The only question left is how girls react on Tinder, in bars, on the street, to your muscles and will it make you more successful with girls.


Do you have this bodybuilding Facebook friend, showing off his muscles all the time? I mean… seriously ALL… THE… TIME… in every single post. – Begging desperately for attention. – They do on Tinder too. I think this is embarrassing and undignified, and so do women. Don’t be this guy!


I did some research, asked a lot of girls, and also women (you wouldn’t call “girls” anymore), on their thoughts about bodybuilding and guys who work out a lot.


The results are surprising, read on!


Bodybuilding and Tinder: The results of my study


Having no time for the girl(s), because of Bodybuilding


Well bro, let’s start with the obvious: If you’re in the gym, bodybuilding 6 days a week for 2 or 3 hours, being on Tinder between two sets, you won’t have any time for your (future) girlfriend. Women like to feel appreciated and special. Even though I don’t think you should put a woman on the top of your priority list, she should at least be on your second place. If you love your friends, hobbies, workout, diet, maybe your job, car, bike… aaaand your (to-be) girlfriend, this will gonna be tough, right?


“Even though I don’t think you should put a woman on the top of your priority list, she should at least be the second place.”


You and your f***ing Sixpack


Yes, girls like to have a look at sixpacks. They think they’re hot and if you ever saw how women freak out at a Chippendales show, you don’t believe what’s happening there. But do really ALL women love sixpacks and a big biceps? – No. A recent survey of our British friends shows us the truth:


75% of women prefer a guy without a sixpack!


Could you believe that? Yes, no, maybe? Here comes the simple reason…


How comes, women don’t like sixpacks and bodybuilders?


The easy answer: Women are unsecure about their own weight and physiques, so they don’t feel good if their partner is too damn sexy. (I know it’s hard. I feel with you, bro!)


Who said guys can’t be attractive when having a belly? Are sixpacks really applicable to a relationship? You won’t maintain a six pack for the rest of your life, right? Most women (I call girls “women” when they reach a certain age) who have witnessed the human aging process told me, they realized that physique attributes are temporary. They place much higher importance on qualities that don’t fade. – Things that women value are especially a good sense of humor, personality, a strong connection, friendship, stability, etc.


Diet sucks


Do you think your Bodybuilding diet sucks? So do the girls, but much, much more than you actually do. Imagine your Tinder date, I won’t call her your Tinderella at this stage, will meet you at this new, fancy Italian restaurant. You’re telling her about your diet and that you’re not allowed to eat carbs on Tuesday. You know what? That simply won’t work, bro. – No matter, if it’s your first Tinder date, or if you’re in a relationship. If you’re 100% dedicated to bodybuilding, you maybe sacrifice your relationship to your lifestyle. But if you’re thinking about attracting girls on Tinder with a bodybuilding lifestyle, just forget about that.


“If you’re thinking about attracting girls on Tinder with a bodybuilding lifestyle, just forget about that.”


Smelly clothes in the bathroom


If you’re like me, you put your smelly workout wear next to the washing machine, right after your workout. I usually hang the stuff over the basket, so it can dry from all the sweat. (No pain, no gain, right?) This probably isn’t the biggest deal-breaker of all times, but women usually like a clean place. Imagine your new Tinder-find visits your place and the first thing she recognizes is smelly bodybuilding clothes. This won’t make her attracted to you, right?


Body types and types of Bodybuilders


Actually there are two (or more) types of bodybuilders. Think about professionals like Phil Heath or Jay Cutler. Most women aren’t attracted by their physiques. – Not on Tinder, neither in real life. The fun thing is, men appreciate muscles on other men more than women do. – It’s like having a tuned import car. Women are thinking about motorcycle gangs or prisoners, when they see big muscles. On the other hand, there are bodybuilders in the so called classic physiques-class which seem to be more appealing to women. But in the end, girls like guys like Ryan Gosling more, which are in shape, but they look like they don’t workout. Weird, isn’t it?


Bodybuilding and Tinder: Summary


You didn’t scroll right down, to read the summary, did you? Here are the essential Bodybuilding and Tinder learnings from above:


  • Have some free time for your girl
  • Girls (on Tinder and in real life) prefer guys with a belly over a bodybuilder with a sixpack
  • They value a good sense of humor, personality, friendship, stability, etc.
  • Diet sucks, girls want you to be spontaneous
  • Keep your place clean


There is one thing, I didn’t mention above, but I will do now: If you’re on Tinder for a quick and one-time hookup only, changes are good you’re having success being a bodybuilder. Some girls want to have the experience once, especially if they are drunk or feeling cocky.


Final words on Bodybuilding and Tinder…


If Bodybuilding is your passion and you’re dreaming about Bodybuilding while sleeping, continue working out and doing what you’re doing. But if you’re not into Bodybuilding yet and you’re thinking about starting for getting laid on Tinder, just stop.


What is your experience about Bodybuilding and Tinder? Any thoughts? Let me know!

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