How To Get Away With Cheating

Cheating is wrong, yeah. I’m aware that we all know this, and this is a bad thing to do to someone and it sucks even more when you get cheated on yourself. I could go on all day and continue telling you why cheating is bad. People do it for many reasons every day. Some are afraid of just separating from their partner or some just do it because they’re bored; hell, some even do it because they love the thrill that it brings to them doing something wrong. We all know the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, but after we’redone with the ethics course we can continue and get down to business.


  • Communicate with her only through your phone and not on social media (change her name as well!)

Social media is a disaster waiting to happen if you want to cheat on your girl. We voluntarily show everything to the world, what we do, where we eat, what places we visit and so on. It’s very important that you only contact her through your phone and that you are very cautious when you do it and for the love of God don’t forget to change her name to something that doesn’t raise suspicions (Dave-work is a good one to use).


  • Delete every single message

If you’re trying to keep your risk to a minimum you have to make sure that you delete every single message after you talk to her. You can’t keep your phone locked forever and let’s just say that you use your phone while your girlfriend is close and you have to check a message and there it is, the message that your side piece sent you, telling you all the ungodly things that she wants to do to you. You could be rumbled. And don’t give me the sentimental point of view that you’re keeping the messages because you like her. If that’s the case you’d better break up with your current girlfriend and date this other girl instead.


  • No friends and no pictures

I know that there are people that do this just because they love to brag about how they can have multiple women at once and while it may be cool to them, it is safe to say that it won’t last forever. Telling no one what you’re up to decreases the chance of anyone finding out by a significant percentage. If no one sees you, no one can talk. Pictures are a big no as well. Keeping photographs is like committing a murder and keeping the murder weapon with you at all times. Make sure to delete all the evidence. After every conversation delete all the messages and after spending a night with her and taking a gazillion pictures don’t forget to delete all of them too.


  • Time and Location

These things are important as with everything else in life, so this shouldn’t be any different.  Timing is always crucial. If you say you’re out with your buddies and you go out with your side piece things will not end well in the long run. When it comes to the location it’s very easy, go to a hotel and pay in cash. Using a credit card will make you look like you’re asking to be caught. If you want to cheat and not get caught, you have to be willing to go the extra mile.


  • Get a side piece who wants the same thing

This is a universal rule if you don’t want to get caught cheating. Nowadays there are many people who just want sex with no strings attached. When you’ve made up your mind to cheat on your girl make sure you find a side piece who wants the same thing as you. There is nothing more dangerous than pissing a woman off and telling her that you just want sex when you led her into believing that you want an actual relationship with her. So keep it simple and be honest with her.


  • Don’t overdo it

We are not robots, so if you decide to continue having sex with the same person for a long time things can get really messy. Even if you still will have no feelings for her and decide to cut her off, she might start having feelings for you and that will be game over. You need to set yourself a limit as to how much time you will be spending with her. Cheating might be exhausting.


  • Plan your excuse and make it simple

Now we’re entering the danger zone. It’s this part that everyone hates. If you’re about to get caught, make up a simple explanation that has enough details to sound believable, but not too many details because it is hard to remember small lies. It’s also very important that you learn how to plan ahead and learn your excuses so if you have to use them, you won’t even flinch in front of your girl. It may take some practice so be sure to know all the details that you need to know beforehand. Stick to your story as well and don’t go changing your story every five minutes or you will get caught very easily.


  • Make sure you’re the type who can cheat

Cheating is morally wrong, we’ve already established that. Some people have a very hard time even thinking of cheating on their significant other. The thought of hurting her or being disloyal to her in any way is hard to bear for them. Then there’s the other type who will be seeing multiple women on a regular basis and when they see him with his girl he will act like she’s his soul mate. If you want to get a side piece you must first make sure that you won’t have a problem with being the guy that can cheat and see no problem with it because I’m telling you, it is a lot harder than it looks. I’ve seen people who think that they can pull it off effortlessly and when they actually got a side piece they got afraid and left her or they just simply couldn’t bear to do it. Don’t be that guy.


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40 Ultimate Tinder Openers That Will Improve Your Game

This is it – the ultimate list post on Tinder openers. We’ve all been there. You both swipe right and then you say simply “hi” or “hello” and after two or three messages she either stops replying to you or she unmatches you. Rightly so, because you’re boring her with those lines. Just imagine that almost every single guy uses those uninspired lines and on Tinder chicks have a short attention span, they won’t see how “wonderful” you are and the great personality that you have. They want something that will attract their attention, lines that will make them think, laugh or feel like you just made fun of them in a cocky way. Make sure as well to stay away from the self-deprecating lines, even though they may sound funny to you, to her they may sound desperate and make you look like you’re selling yourself short. The over-aggressive lines don’t tend to work out that well either and you’ll just end up making yourself look like an idiot or a creep. Always use funny, witty and smart lines for the best results. Always keep in mind that different women respond to different lines, some respond to the funny ones and the others like the bolder lines.  Remember, you want to stand out from the legions of dudes with crap, unimaginative one-liners and now you can. Read on, champ.


You are so adorable that you make a baby deer look like a pile of shit

Let’s start with this one, it’s funny and it will surely let her know that you’re creative. The funny part is the exaggeration and the fact that you’re bold enough to write it as an opener.


I’d like to cover you in peanut butter and see how much I could lick off before my peanut allergy killed me

This one l is funny too; you’re implying sexuality while at the same time making it funny without sounding like you’re a freaking creep that is watching her while she’s taking a shower (even though you want to do that).


Prettiest smile on tinder

Not every opener has to be funny, a compliment can do the trick sometimes, even if it’s cheesy and a bit over the top. Make sure you let her know that you were going for a cheesy pickup line deliberately. It’ll make her smile broader, trust me.


You’ll be my wife for sure

Bold AF. This is definitely funny and it makes you stand out from the others. You’re letting her know from the beginning that you can crack jokes. Marriage jokes work like a charm sometimes and I’ve tried it myself and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work more often than inot.


You definitely look like a troublemaker

This is a different kind of approach. Let’s call it a counter-intuitive line and it can work like a charm. Some women like puzzles and she will ask you why you think that she’s a troublemaker and you can answer in a funny way for many reasons as to why she’s dangerous for you. Be creative, but funny here.

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Finally I found what I was looking for

The over the top funny ones never go out of style, it works because it’s funny and honestly it’s worked for me many times. I know that you may think it’s too cheesy, but that is exactly the point, saying things that are hugely exaggerated.


I’ve had to swipe left 921 times just to find you

Exaggeration at its finest, there are many questions that she will ask for this or just laugh and that means that you’ve already broken the ice.


I get the feeling that you’re everything that I don’t want in a woman

This is cocky and bold and you have to play it carefully and let her know that you’re joking around as in you’re afraid that she’s bad for you. If you can pull this off you’re a master!


Wassup Tinderella?

I believe this is a bit self-explanatory you just mix up Cinderella with Tinder and you get Tinderella. It’s both funny and witty. You also have to admit that Tinderella sounds pretty cool as a nickname, so she won’t be mad at you for giving  it to her – and this might help you get to give it to her too, if you know what I mean.


You look like my future wife

We’ve entered the funny department yet again, where you’re being cocky by stating that yeah you’re going to be my wife and at the same time you sound hilarious.


How does this work, it means that we’re dating, right?

I’m sure that this line can get you a long way with women on Tinder. You’re joking with her and implying that you’re down to meet up with her as soon as possible.


Tonight, my place, you bring wine, I bring pizza and we both bring cuddles

Assertive and dominating but in a funny way, as you can see the beginning of the sentence is very dominating but once she’s read the end of the sentence you’ll get at least a smile from her.


You’re so hot that you made me forget my pickup line

It’s a simple compliment that may be cheesy but can get a lot of responses. Don’t forget to continue the joke even when she answers you, as it will make it even funnier.


Do you believe in love at first swipe?

A bit cheesy I admit, but it works like a charm.


Are you a good cuddler? I might let you join my cuddle gang

It’s funny and witty, a recipe for success on Tinder. Plus, it has a cool sounding name, The Cuddle Gang, who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?


I’m planning a bank heist, you in?

It’s funny, plain and simple. Sometimes it’s better not to complicate things and try hard because women can smell desperate men like sharks smell blood.


Touché, I like your swiping!

This is a personal favorite because I made many girls laugh with this line.


You win a free ticket to anywhere in the world for a week but you have to leave immediately, where do you go?

If you see from her bio that she likes to travel or she is adventurous it’s not bad to ask questions that make her decide quickly. It can also show her that you have a similar interest in travel and guess what? Bingo! That makes you more compatible.


Let’s cut the crap and go out for a drink

This can be a bold move and it won’t always work, but if it does believe me the benefits will be sweet. In other words you let her know that you’re not afraid to go out and meet her in person and not hide behind the screen of your phone.


You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Michael Scott

Many people have seen the office and know that Michael Scott didn’t actually say that, but it’s a great icebreaker. After all, a response is what you need to start a conversation and if a fake quote helps then so be it. You can always admit later that you made it up to make her laugh.


On a scale from 1 to America how free are you tonight?

It might’ve been used before, but still it can get her attention. Cheesy pickup lines sometimes work like a charm and this one is no different.


I am a Nigerian prince and I can make you very rich, I just need your phone number for that

Everyone is familiar with the Nigerian prince scam of the 90s; this is just a funny spin on that. It will definitely get you some replies from women.


*Insert a funny/witty pickup line*

Sarcastic and funny both at the same time. Since you can find different kinds of women on Tinder you will definitely find some sarcastic ones and this line can work out perfectly in those cases.


Is your name WI-FI? Because I’m feeling a connection

This is again quite self-explanatory. It might be one of the cheesiest on this list but that’s the point, you need to show that you don’t care and you know how to be funny.


Truth or Dare? I’ll start if you’re too shy to do it

This is an all or nothing move. It is risky for sure, but if it works you can learn more from her in the next 5 minutes than some people do in 10 dates.


Did you know that you’re the hottest, (insert her name here)?

It’s playful and funny, I’ve used it myself a couple of times and it worked on occasion. If you see from her bio and pictures that she’s a smiling person that looks like she likes cheesy jokes, definitely try this one.


Star Trek or Star Wars? There is only one correct answer

This goes for all the nerds out there, if she’s a fan of either of them you win and you can get the conversation going from there.


Should I hit you with the corniest pickup line on earth? Or we can skip that

You will stand out from the rest with this – if she says that she wants to hear the pickup line, you can pick one up from here and if she refuses you just continue talking to her. Mission accomplished.


I want our love to be like pi, irrational and never ending

Again if you see that she has anything math related in her bio or pictures you can go for the nerdy/cheesy pickup lines and it will definitely work.


Pheeew!! This was a close one, I almost accidentally swiped left

Show’s interest from the beginning and it’s definitely funny so why not give it a shot?


If you could marry a Game of Thrones character, which would it be?

Unless you live under a rock and hate fantasy shows you will know the names of some Game of Thrones characters. It will be a great icebreaker and give you many things to talk about without making the conversation become awkward and boring.


We’re a match, so I’m guessing we should set up a wedding date, right?

Marriage jokes are always funny with many women, as long as you don’t cross the creepy line and you make sure you give the vibe that you’re cool and funny.


How do I tell my dog that he’s adopted?

Use this line especially if you see any animals in her pictures or if anything animal-related is mentioned in her bio.


Tinder brought us together for a reason and that reason is definitely babies

A ballsy line for sure and it can backfire sometimes but in the cases when it works, it will make it a lot easier for you to get her number or go out with her.


Excuse me, is there something in your eye? Nope, I was wrong, it’s just a sparkle

Funny, cheesy and a bit sexual. You can’t go wrong with this and should definitely try this one.


My parents are so excited to meet you!

This can be funny in some cases, only if you continue the joke after she answers. Make sure to continue the conversation with this joke, tell her why your parents can’t wait to meet her and how they liked her from the pictures.


I’m totally down to lie to our children about how we actually met.

Many people still feel awkward to tell other people that they’ve met each other on Tinder. This makes it funny and sexual so don’t be afraid to use this line.


Two truths and a lie; ready, set and GO!

This is an engaging opener and it will help to reveal many things about her. If she answers you with a serious response it doesn’t mean that you have to do the same thing. Remember, light-hearted responses never killed anyone.


What song title would you use as the title of your autobiography?

You get to learn about music that she listens to and have more things to talk about with her. It’s a win-win situation.


Pineapple on pizza, or not?

This is a matter of taste. I know many people who hate pineapple on their pizzas but I also know people, who love it. Either way it is definitely a nice conversation starter.


Got the point? It’s important not to forget that these are icebreakers and openers. Once you’ve done that you need to continue conversing in the same way. Try and add a cocky or funny line every now and then. Don’t be a complete macho all the time cause it will make you look insecure, as if you’ve learned all your lines like a script.


On the other side make sure that it’s not all jokes, try and set up a date as soon as possible because physical contact is much more effective than talking through a screen. I guarantee you that, if you just continue with the cocky and funny stuff while on a live date, your success will skyrocket. I’ve been through this personally, from the shy guy to the guy that literally had to plan dates days ahead and you will start getting tired from all the attention you will get, but it’ll be so worth it!


If you’ve got any good icebreakers, let me know.

Otherwise, just go for it, dude!


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What To Check If She’s Spying On You

Your relationship is going great, but one day you just get that feeling. You don’t know what it is that’s caused you to suddenly think it, but it’s there all the same. She’s acting a bit different around you and it’s worrying. You strongly suspect that she’s spying on you.


Why would someone do that?

The short answer is because they can.


If you’ve got nothing to hide then it’s ok, isn’t it? Well, no, not at all. We live in a free world and yours is suddenly like the one in George Orwell’s 1984. Big brother, or in this case Big Sister, might well be watching you.


Not all girls are devious spies though, but some are. You need to be able to spot if your girlfriend is and if so how she could be spying on you. And if you are up to no good you could be in real trouble. Technology might well have advanced further than you thought, so beware!


The following are methods your potential Jane Bond could be using to snoop on you.


Browser history

Everyone knows this one. You should delete it regularly, right? Yeah, but we’ve all left it for a while. How are you going to explain the hotel booking site and the online escort service she finds in there though? It’s careless to leave things lying around. Also if she’s the kind of girl who likes to snoop then she probably won’t care too much for your taste in pornography either. Delete it. Delete it all.


The same applies to the history on other apps too. If you used a map app to go and meet someone you shouldn’t than that information will have been saved. Delete, delete, delete.


Nighttime recorder

Does your girl sometimes leave her phone at your place? How forgetful of her. Or is it? There are apps now which record during the night. The idea being that people could record themselves and see if they snore or grind their teeth. They’ll pick up other things too. Late night phone conversations or the sound of lovemaking perhaps. The phone isn’t switched on? Here’s the thing, it works when the phone is on standby too.



If you’ve taken photos of a liaison or perhaps you’ve sent your other woman an, uhm, intimate photo of yourself you might regret doing so and you might delete the pictures from your device.


There’s now something called Photostream. Maybe you’ve heard of it, it’s the ultimate in cloud storage of photographs. That picture you think you’ve deleted will have been shared to all your linked devices – phones, PCs, laptops, tablets. There are a multitude of ways she could discover what you’ve been up to.


Social media

Somewhere you shouldn’t be? Then don’t post anything on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Even if you’re being careful there is still a high chance that the location attached to your post could give the game away.


Online reviews

This should go without saying, but don’t leave a review on TripAdvisor of that hotel you went to with the other woman. The same goes for any review: gifts you’ve bought for her or places you’ve been. In fact your purchase history could let you down too. If you’re going to do something like this then don’t buy from your normal places.


Predictive text

I’m sure we’ve all done that thing where you go to send a text and just keep pressing whichever word comes up in the middle to make typing easier. ‘See you at the bar’ might be something you type regularly, but if someone else (your girlfriend) gets hold of your phone and your predictive text comes up with something like ‘on my way to the hotel, bring handcuffs’ then you’ll have some serious explaining to do.



Webcams and a whole host of other tiny surveillance cameras are now so affordable and easy to conceal that we could all be filmed 100% of the time and not know anything about it. Are you certain there aren’t any hidden cameras at your place? She could be watching your every move from the comfort of her own laptop. If the only thing you’ve done that she might have seen was that peculiar dance to the showtunes CD she didn’t know you had then you’re probably not in hot water.


Find my iPhone

This is a helpful tool if you lose your phone, but it also tells you where your phone has been as well as where it is now. If that thought sends a shiver down your spine I would suggest throwing your phone away and claiming it was stolen.


Most of the methods I’ve mentioned so far are pretty straightforward, but there are much more heavy duty methods of spying. These are for the big leagues only.


Phone Tracker

There are apps which allow someone to listen in on your calls undetected and to intercept text messages. How is it not illegal?


PC spying

There is software that can be installed on a PC which would then give a person access to your e,mail, your passwords, your social media accounts, your bank. In effect, everything. This is very worrying.


Couples trackers

This is something you and your girlfriend would agree to and you will both know where the other is at all times. This is ideal for couples who are naturally suspicious of each other and probably isn’t the foundation on which a great relationship is built.


And pretty much anything that uses GPS can bring about your downfall too.


The only way to avoid being spied upon by your girlfriend and for her to uncover your string of affairs and indiscretions is to quite simply not have a string of affairs and indiscretions.


Still worried she’s spying on you anyway? Why not play her at her own game and spy on her? What could go wrong? Although I really wouldn’t if I were you. What’s your experience?

Bodybuilding and Tinder – What Girls Really Want

Have you ever thought about gaining more muscles to impress girls on Tinder? Are you thinking about having a massive biceps, to show off while drinking a beer in a bar? Maybe you even signed up at the hardcore Bodybuilding gym around the corner already and made plans for your diet. Don’t get me wrong – eating healthy and working out is always a good idea. The only question left is how girls react on Tinder, in bars, on the street, to your muscles and will it make you more successful with girls.


Do you have this bodybuilding Facebook friend, showing off his muscles all the time? I mean… seriously ALL… THE… TIME… in every single post. – Begging desperately for attention. – They do on Tinder too. I think this is embarrassing and undignified, and so do women. Don’t be this guy!


I did some research, asked a lot of girls, and also women (you wouldn’t call “girls” anymore), on their thoughts about bodybuilding and guys who work out a lot.


The results are surprising, read on!


Bodybuilding and Tinder: The results of my study


Having no time for the girl(s), because of Bodybuilding


Well bro, let’s start with the obvious: If you’re in the gym, bodybuilding 6 days a week for 2 or 3 hours, being on Tinder between two sets, you won’t have any time for your (future) girlfriend. Women like to feel appreciated and special. Even though I don’t think you should put a woman on the top of your priority list, she should at least be on your second place. If you love your friends, hobbies, workout, diet, maybe your job, car, bike… aaaand your (to-be) girlfriend, this will gonna be tough, right?


“Even though I don’t think you should put a woman on the top of your priority list, she should at least be the second place.”


You and your f***ing Sixpack


Yes, girls like to have a look at sixpacks. They think they’re hot and if you ever saw how women freak out at a Chippendales show, you don’t believe what’s happening there. But do really ALL women love sixpacks and a big biceps? – No. A recent survey of our British friends shows us the truth:


75% of women prefer a guy without a sixpack!


Could you believe that? Yes, no, maybe? Here comes the simple reason…


How comes, women don’t like sixpacks and bodybuilders?


The easy answer: Women are unsecure about their own weight and physiques, so they don’t feel good if their partner is too damn sexy. (I know it’s hard. I feel with you, bro!)


Who said guys can’t be attractive when having a belly? Are sixpacks really applicable to a relationship? You won’t maintain a six pack for the rest of your life, right? Most women (I call girls “women” when they reach a certain age) who have witnessed the human aging process told me, they realized that physique attributes are temporary. They place much higher importance on qualities that don’t fade. – Things that women value are especially a good sense of humor, personality, a strong connection, friendship, stability, etc.


Diet sucks


Do you think your Bodybuilding diet sucks? So do the girls, but much, much more than you actually do. Imagine your Tinder date, I won’t call her your Tinderella at this stage, will meet you at this new, fancy Italian restaurant. You’re telling her about your diet and that you’re not allowed to eat carbs on Tuesday. You know what? That simply won’t work, bro. – No matter, if it’s your first Tinder date, or if you’re in a relationship. If you’re 100% dedicated to bodybuilding, you maybe sacrifice your relationship to your lifestyle. But if you’re thinking about attracting girls on Tinder with a bodybuilding lifestyle, just forget about that.


“If you’re thinking about attracting girls on Tinder with a bodybuilding lifestyle, just forget about that.”


Smelly clothes in the bathroom


If you’re like me, you put your smelly workout wear next to the washing machine, right after your workout. I usually hang the stuff over the basket, so it can dry from all the sweat. (No pain, no gain, right?) This probably isn’t the biggest deal-breaker of all times, but women usually like a clean place. Imagine your new Tinder-find visits your place and the first thing she recognizes is smelly bodybuilding clothes. This won’t make her attracted to you, right?


Body types and types of Bodybuilders


Actually there are two (or more) types of bodybuilders. Think about professionals like Phil Heath or Jay Cutler. Most women aren’t attracted by their physiques. – Not on Tinder, neither in real life. The fun thing is, men appreciate muscles on other men more than women do. – It’s like having a tuned import car. Women are thinking about motorcycle gangs or prisoners, when they see big muscles. On the other hand, there are bodybuilders in the so called classic physiques-class which seem to be more appealing to women. But in the end, girls like guys like Ryan Gosling more, which are in shape, but they look like they don’t workout. Weird, isn’t it?


Bodybuilding and Tinder: Summary


You didn’t scroll right down, to read the summary, did you? Here are the essential Bodybuilding and Tinder learnings from above:


  • Have some free time for your girl
  • Girls (on Tinder and in real life) prefer guys with a belly over a bodybuilder with a sixpack
  • They value a good sense of humor, personality, friendship, stability, etc.
  • Diet sucks, girls want you to be spontaneous
  • Keep your place clean


There is one thing, I didn’t mention above, but I will do now: If you’re on Tinder for a quick and one-time hookup only, changes are good you’re having success being a bodybuilder. Some girls want to have the experience once, especially if they are drunk or feeling cocky.


Final words on Bodybuilding and Tinder…


If Bodybuilding is your passion and you’re dreaming about Bodybuilding while sleeping, continue working out and doing what you’re doing. But if you’re not into Bodybuilding yet and you’re thinking about starting for getting laid on Tinder, just stop.


What is your experience about Bodybuilding and Tinder? Any thoughts? Let me know!

12 Weird Things All Couples Fight About

Being in a relationship has its great moments, right? Being with the person that lights up your day and having fun with them, sharing secrets and other personal things. Isn’t it nice? But then, there are the not sooo great moments where you may get annoyed with your partner. Probably she tends to do things differently from you or think about them differently. Or everything is just a chaos. Let’s see.


Deciding what or where to eat

Everyone that has been in a relationship can relate with. You come home from work, (because you’re still not working online) open the fridge and see, that there’s nothing you like. Maybe you’re just feeling lazy to prepare anything and you ask your girlfriend she wants to go out eating. Usually she’s yelling “Yeah!” but then the question that changes everything is coming: “What do you want to eat?” The reply of “Whatever”, hoping she will come up with an idea or what she likes, gets the idea shut down very fast. This can be a cause of many huge fights. I’m telling you how to stop that in my course.

Watching movies or TV shows without each other

After you started dating for a couple of months and move in with each other, there’s one special thing you always do. You watch movies or new episodes of your favorite shows together. The unwritten rule remains, that you can’t watch them without the other. So, once you find out that you’re significant other has already seen that movie/show episode without you that can make you feel kind of betrayed. Fact.

Keeping the toilet seat up or down

70% of all men: Ladies, we know that we need to work more on this one because if you’re a dude and the toilet seat is down when you go to pee, you absolutely have to put that thing up because no matter how hard you try accidents can happen and you can basically pee all over the toilet seat just because you got too lazy for 2 seconds.

30% of all men: I sit down while peeing, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Being a bear, I don’t care.

How many times your girlfriend (or you) press the snooze button

There are two kind of people in the world: those who wake up with the first alarm and those who need to snooze 8 times before gathering up the courage to face this world. For the latter kind those 10-20 extra minutes of sleep may feel like heaven. You know that you have that little extra time to sleep for a bit longer. But if you’re the other kind of person waking up hearing the first alarm that thing will annoy you a lot. Having to wake up at 7 a.m. and hearing the first alarm around 6 a.m. and then continuously for the next hour can be very annoying. I know what I’m talking about.


This thing has even ruined marriages. If you’re a person that needs complete silence in order to sleep this can be a pretty big thing to deal with, because trying to sleep next to someone that is doing their best impression of a chainsaw can be very challenging for sure.

Taking long to get ready

Many guys can relate to this, you decide to go out for dinner and you have a reservation for 9 p.m. So naturally you start getting ready before to be there in time. You check the clock it’s 8:30 and you check on your girlfriend, she just came out of the shower and has yet to pick what she is going to wear tonight. This could be said about guys too, but then my friends, it would be a lie.

Farting or burping

Many guys or women think that this can be a pretty disgusting thing to do around other people. But then there are also people who think, after dating that person for a longer period, you get to know them better. By getting more comfortable, somehow, they earn the freedom to burp and fart without the slightest regret.

Washing the dishes

OK, this is serious business now. This can be a really big deal when it comes to fights within a relationship. There are many people who want to have their kitchen clean. As soon as they finish eating, they want to do the dishes. On the other hand, there are the ones who just don’t think it’s that important to wash dishes right after eating. Many couples have gone into huge fights about this.

Rooting for opposing teams

If you love sports and you keep being a fan of your favorite team no matter where you go this can be a pretty big thing. There are couples which, when the game day comes, just stop talking to each other. They continue talking finally, when the game is over because otherwise things could get nasty.

Not wanting to hang out with your friends

This thing can happen to both men and women. Many of us have been there, we start dating a woman and things go great. After a while there comes the time to meet with their friends, and surprise, you have nothing in common with them. This can cause couples serious problems. Whatever you do, don’t tell her, her friends are stupid weirdos. I tried once and can’t recommend that.

Picking what to watch on TV

After feeling betrayed by your girlfriend because she watched your favorite TV show without you, you decide to watch something else on TV tonight. Maybe it’s just a random Tuesday night and you have nothing else to do. You decide to watch a movie tonight and find a nice action movie on Netflix. Suddenly your girlfriend comes close to you. “Hey, what about that new movie XY where this guy falls in love with blablabla…” You know what I’m talking about.

Cleaning the bathroom

This can be a big thing as well, when it comes to fighting with your partner. Seriously, everyone hates cleaning the bathroom, but it’s something that needs to be done. You could get a routine by changing from week to week or you just get yourself some help for the housekeeping. It might probably save your relationship.


Have you experienced the same? Is there something missing from your experience? Let me know!

How To Tell Your Girlfriend To Stop Smoking

A bad habit of a loved one is always a frustrating thing. One of the most ‘popular’ bad habits is smoking, says American Lung Association, with more than 15 percent of women in the U.S. smoking in 2013. Beside the effect on your girlfriend’s health, I could imagine, bad breath is not what you’re into. If you have this problem with your girlfriend, you probably have tried some methods to get her to quit this unwanted habit. Given that you are reading this article, there is a fair chance that your efforts have failed and you need some help in getting this done. Am I Right?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’ll provide you my guide that will help you and your girlfriend to win over this unhealthy habit. Here we go!

Where to start

First and foremost, you should acknowledge that you and girlfriend should do it together. There is a little chance for victory if you leave her to do this job alone, so even if she succeeds in ceasing smoking for a few days, the chances of relapse are great. That’s why it is critical to start in the right way and build the foundation for moving further.

As it was mentioned above, you have probably used some methods before you came across this article. Among the most popular ones are saying “I do not want you to smoke” and nagging. Men tend to solve issues with much less communication than women and dominate the problem-solving process but this approach should not be used in this case.

If you try to keep the focus on you rather than your girlfriend, a negative outcome is guaranteed. For example, if you keep saying her smoking affects you, she might perceive it as a selfish and self-centered action. We don’t want that. What you should do is connect the problem to you both.

For example, you can say that you do not like the way the house smells after she smoked inside (this can be bad for your cat that you picked up together and anyone who comes visit). And, more importantly, it affects your health as well. Or you might say that you find it difficult to kiss her after she had a cigarette. Remember to keep it personal and connected to you both! If you make these statements in an accusing way, a conflict is guaranteed, so stay away from accusations.

The next important thing to remember at the start is a positive approach that excludes anger (because positive thinking is more powerful). In order for her to quit, she must have a reliable and helping partner rather than angry one. Only a helping partner can show that something else can be more important than smoking and assist on the journey to achieve the objective. The most obvious things that are more important than smoking include better health, freedom from addiction, better relationship with a spouse, and white teeth.

How to continue

Given that you know how to make a proper start, we can proceed to the next part of the strategy. The following plan will be divided into three steps that you should take to ensure that your anti-smoking effort is on the right track.

Step 1: do the research for her

According to a recent poll, 85 percent of smokers in the U.S. said they tried to quit at least once in their lifetime and almost half of them tried at least three times. That’s a lot of effort. However, given that they still smoke, the strategies they used might have been ineffective.

To ensure that your effort will be rewarded, you need to perform a lot of research. Find a natural, holistic method (massage, meditations etc.), which does not involve medications and nicotine to avoid being shot down from the start. When you are sure in our selection, offer her to read about the method but don’t push it on her. The last thing she needs is you preaching her.

Step 2:  inspire her to be more active

The fact that your girlfriend agreed to take meditation lessons does not mean that you won. In fact, it means that you need to intensify your effort! This can be done by offering her to engage in some exercises or activities that would distract her from the thoughts about having a cigarette. Plus, you will be with her the whole time!

For example, you can offer to go see a movie, visit a local mall for some shopping (this should be pretty good), and even have a run on the track. Regardless of the option you choose, make sure that your girlfriend is engaged in the activity and likes it (that’s why shopping might be a good idea).

Step 3: lifestyle change

This is the stage when you and your girlfriend begin to change her lifestyle. Let’s assume she successfully completed meditation lessons and agreed to engage in activities you proposed. It’s time to make these new habits her routine! Remember to remind her that these new activities are much better for her than smoking and do that when she is happy doing them.

It is possible that she will be hesitating about changing the lifestyle, so you need to be there for her at all times. Make a commitment in front of her, so she feels that you are in this with her and your support will be a huge factor.

Over to you!

Persuading your girlfriend to stop smoking is difficult. However, when you use the right strategy, you will have better chances to succeed. The key takeaways from this article for you are the following:

  • Start in the right way by connecting the problem to outcome of your relationship
  • Find a natural way to quit smoking that will not scare her
  • Do not preach her
  • Support her all the way

Clearly, a proper addressing of the smoking problem is critically important and should trigger more effort from your side. In the end, your girlfriend will abandon this unhealthy habit and you will achieve a full recovery and a better quality of life!

Have you been faced with a similar problem? We are craving for your own stories and feedback!

How To Pickup Girls On Tinder In Just 4 Steps

Level: Beginner

The world of dating was revolutionized when Tinder was launched in 2012. Trillions (or even more) of people downloaded this app, it was free and nifty. With the location and preferences of your profile, the app shows you potential partners of both genders. Dating made easy – this application was certainly the tool that every lonely soul needed. Now, you have got an app, a great locality, many girls but still most men fail to take advantage of this service.

If you are single (I bet you are) and you have not heard of tinder then you got to wake up and realize that the world is a far better place now. With Tinder in your arsenal, you could go on a date every other day and even let go of commitments. Well, the application has garnered a reputation for being reliable and fast. It is apparent that many guys just log on to this app to send in hundreds of messages and get turned down. A handful of them manage to get a date and even go beyond that.

Picking up is an art – this ubiquitous thought is absolutely true. Girls on tinder like a few guys but get liked by many on the other hand. While some keep wondering about sending a message or getting liked, many people are already getting along with their dates. So, what is wrong with your approach? Why aren’t you getting a date out of this beauty? The simple answer:


Tinder is not some site to engage in a long conversation or find your soul mate (however, you probably could). With only a swipe you can get rejected, and a right one can get you closer to a date. Your approach would be? – Something which can make you unique and eye-grabbing. Think of it as a video game and your mission is to get a girl every time you use it. Tinder hacking is a skill that has to be learnt and perfected. It is just like a crash course on dating and it is damn effective. Sometimes you don’t even need small talk or cheesy pickup lines, and you still get the girl. Sounds easy right? It is and the following exhaustive steps are tailored for you to pickup girls on tinder.

The perfect snap – Step 1

Women left-swipe a lot of guys and all of them have a similar problem – They just don’t look good on their picture. This step is the first and obvious to land a date. Never think “I’m trying this pic even I look like sh..” No matter if you are athletic or healthy, you must have a good image. Everybody has a unique posture which looks good in a picture. Make use of that and take your best photo. It is the first and maybe the only and last impression on the tinder community. If you screw it up you won’t get a like in a million years. Put up something unique – maybe a picture with a pet or a child. Your best picture would be your best pickup line. By the way – research shows, that pics with pets and baby are most appealing to women. You didn’t know that, right?

Be different – Step 2

It is okay if you like to read, watch movies or just hang around with friends. Who doesn’t? But this does not count as interests. Fill up your bio (a couple of sentences is a must) with something that you really are into. Do not copy quotes or lame pickup lines. The girl must get the idea who you are and who you want to be. Showcase your hobby in your picture. Like, if you skateboard then put up your best skateboarding or if you dance do the same. Office-goers can change up their game by putting more casual images than formal. Women are attracted to guys who are sensual and loving. Show them how romantic you can be and you will get a swipe.

Be honest and original – Step 3

Every girl has heard a lot of lame pickup lines, so don’t think that yours will work. Try to be original with your approach. Lines such as “Your lips look so lonely, would they meet mine?” won’t work. Don’t waste the swipe you already got. A simple but unique one liner could be used. You could say “Whoa! Only 10 miles, I can run that far!” or “Did someone tell you that you look like (celebrity or actress) but with bigger ears?”. Stay honest about your height and body; do not exaggerate as it would come off as an icebreaker later. State your correct height so that you do not embarrass yourself or the girl when you meet. Don’t write dumb stuff to be clear here. – Or write stupid stuff only. Why do I care?

Be straightforward – Step 4

Even if the pictures and all the lines don’t work, this will. Tinder, being a dating app and not a platform for sex (uhm…), girls are probably looking for a good relationship or just a flirt. You don’t know until you ask. Trust me, you will save a lot of your time if you keep your flirtatious content aside and ask her out. Only if you like her really much or just want to get laid, use some of your awesome pickup lines. It doesn’t matter what you think unless you get to know what the girl is thinking. Say  “Are we on a date now, is this how it works?” or “You sure look like trouble (wink emoticon)”. Such lines are humorous and the best conversation starters. Vague compliments and strange messages are the tools to rejection. Prevent all of that and replace them with some witty one-liners and write something non-generic.

Well, anything you choose to do, remember that you have a lot of attempts as there are many girls on tinder just waiting for going out on a date. Shed your nervous attitude as whatever you want, the girl wants too. That’s why both of you are on Tinder. It’s no rocket science, just a bit of tweaking and effort. With practice and some rejection, you will be at the top your game. Do your A/B testing. Don’t wait! Go and try these hacks and get on the date you want!