What To Check If She’s Spying On You

Your relationship is going great, but one day you just get that feeling. You don’t know what it is that’s caused you to suddenly think it, but it’s there all the same. She’s acting a bit different around you and it’s worrying. You strongly suspect that she’s spying on you.


Why would someone do that?

The short answer is because they can.


If you’ve got nothing to hide then it’s ok, isn’t it? Well, no, not at all. We live in a free world and yours is suddenly like the one in George Orwell’s 1984. Big brother, or in this case Big Sister, might well be watching you.


Not all girls are devious spies though, but some are. You need to be able to spot if your girlfriend is and if so how she could be spying on you. And if you are up to no good you could be in real trouble. Technology might well have advanced further than you thought, so beware!


The following are methods your potential Jane Bond could be using to snoop on you.


Browser history

Everyone knows this one. You should delete it regularly, right? Yeah, but we’ve all left it for a while. How are you going to explain the hotel booking site and the online escort service she finds in there though? It’s careless to leave things lying around. Also if she’s the kind of girl who likes to snoop then she probably won’t care too much for your taste in pornography either. Delete it. Delete it all.


The same applies to the history on other apps too. If you used a map app to go and meet someone you shouldn’t than that information will have been saved. Delete, delete, delete.


Nighttime recorder

Does your girl sometimes leave her phone at your place? How forgetful of her. Or is it? There are apps now which record during the night. The idea being that people could record themselves and see if they snore or grind their teeth. They’ll pick up other things too. Late night phone conversations or the sound of lovemaking perhaps. The phone isn’t switched on? Here’s the thing, it works when the phone is on standby too.



If you’ve taken photos of a liaison or perhaps you’ve sent your other woman an, uhm, intimate photo of yourself you might regret doing so and you might delete the pictures from your device.


There’s now something called Photostream. Maybe you’ve heard of it, it’s the ultimate in cloud storage of photographs. That picture you think you’ve deleted will have been shared to all your linked devices – phones, PCs, laptops, tablets. There are a multitude of ways she could discover what you’ve been up to.


Social media

Somewhere you shouldn’t be? Then don’t post anything on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Even if you’re being careful there is still a high chance that the location attached to your post could give the game away.


Online reviews

This should go without saying, but don’t leave a review on TripAdvisor of that hotel you went to with the other woman. The same goes for any review: gifts you’ve bought for her or places you’ve been. In fact your purchase history could let you down too. If you’re going to do something like this then don’t buy from your normal places.


Predictive text

I’m sure we’ve all done that thing where you go to send a text and just keep pressing whichever word comes up in the middle to make typing easier. ‘See you at the bar’ might be something you type regularly, but if someone else (your girlfriend) gets hold of your phone and your predictive text comes up with something like ‘on my way to the hotel, bring handcuffs’ then you’ll have some serious explaining to do.



Webcams and a whole host of other tiny surveillance cameras are now so affordable and easy to conceal that we could all be filmed 100% of the time and not know anything about it. Are you certain there aren’t any hidden cameras at your place? She could be watching your every move from the comfort of her own laptop. If the only thing you’ve done that she might have seen was that peculiar dance to the showtunes CD she didn’t know you had then you’re probably not in hot water.


Find my iPhone

This is a helpful tool if you lose your phone, but it also tells you where your phone has been as well as where it is now. If that thought sends a shiver down your spine I would suggest throwing your phone away and claiming it was stolen.


Most of the methods I’ve mentioned so far are pretty straightforward, but there are much more heavy duty methods of spying. These are for the big leagues only.


Phone Tracker

There are apps which allow someone to listen in on your calls undetected and to intercept text messages. How is it not illegal?


PC spying

There is software that can be installed on a PC which would then give a person access to your e,mail, your passwords, your social media accounts, your bank. In effect, everything. This is very worrying.


Couples trackers

This is something you and your girlfriend would agree to and you will both know where the other is at all times. This is ideal for couples who are naturally suspicious of each other and probably isn’t the foundation on which a great relationship is built.


And pretty much anything that uses GPS can bring about your downfall too.


The only way to avoid being spied upon by your girlfriend and for her to uncover your string of affairs and indiscretions is to quite simply not have a string of affairs and indiscretions.


Still worried she’s spying on you anyway? Why not play her at her own game and spy on her? What could go wrong? Although I really wouldn’t if I were you. What’s your experience?

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