How To Get Away With Cheating

Cheating is wrong, yeah. I’m aware that we all know this, and this is a bad thing to do to someone and it sucks even more when you get cheated on yourself. I could go on all day and continue telling you why cheating is bad. People do it for many reasons every day. Some are afraid of just separating from their partner or some just do it because they’re bored; hell, some even do it because they love the thrill that it brings to them doing something wrong. We all know the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, but after we’redone with the ethics course we can continue and get down to business.


  • Communicate with her only through your phone and not on social media (change her name as well!)

Social media is a disaster waiting to happen if you want to cheat on your girl. We voluntarily show everything to the world, what we do, where we eat, what places we visit and so on. It’s very important that you only contact her through your phone and that you are very cautious when you do it and for the love of God don’t forget to change her name to something that doesn’t raise suspicions (Dave-work is a good one to use).


  • Delete every single message

If you’re trying to keep your risk to a minimum you have to make sure that you delete every single message after you talk to her. You can’t keep your phone locked forever and let’s just say that you use your phone while your girlfriend is close and you have to check a message and there it is, the message that your side piece sent you, telling you all the ungodly things that she wants to do to you. You could be rumbled. And don’t give me the sentimental point of view that you’re keeping the messages because you like her. If that’s the case you’d better break up with your current girlfriend and date this other girl instead.


  • No friends and no pictures

I know that there are people that do this just because they love to brag about how they can have multiple women at once and while it may be cool to them, it is safe to say that it won’t last forever. Telling no one what you’re up to decreases the chance of anyone finding out by a significant percentage. If no one sees you, no one can talk. Pictures are a big no as well. Keeping photographs is like committing a murder and keeping the murder weapon with you at all times. Make sure to delete all the evidence. After every conversation delete all the messages and after spending a night with her and taking a gazillion pictures don’t forget to delete all of them too.


  • Time and Location

These things are important as with everything else in life, so this shouldn’t be any different.  Timing is always crucial. If you say you’re out with your buddies and you go out with your side piece things will not end well in the long run. When it comes to the location it’s very easy, go to a hotel and pay in cash. Using a credit card will make you look like you’re asking to be caught. If you want to cheat and not get caught, you have to be willing to go the extra mile.


  • Get a side piece who wants the same thing

This is a universal rule if you don’t want to get caught cheating. Nowadays there are many people who just want sex with no strings attached. When you’ve made up your mind to cheat on your girl make sure you find a side piece who wants the same thing as you. There is nothing more dangerous than pissing a woman off and telling her that you just want sex when you led her into believing that you want an actual relationship with her. So keep it simple and be honest with her.


  • Don’t overdo it

We are not robots, so if you decide to continue having sex with the same person for a long time things can get really messy. Even if you still will have no feelings for her and decide to cut her off, she might start having feelings for you and that will be game over. You need to set yourself a limit as to how much time you will be spending with her. Cheating might be exhausting.


  • Plan your excuse and make it simple

Now we’re entering the danger zone. It’s this part that everyone hates. If you’re about to get caught, make up a simple explanation that has enough details to sound believable, but not too many details because it is hard to remember small lies. It’s also very important that you learn how to plan ahead and learn your excuses so if you have to use them, you won’t even flinch in front of your girl. It may take some practice so be sure to know all the details that you need to know beforehand. Stick to your story as well and don’t go changing your story every five minutes or you will get caught very easily.


  • Make sure you’re the type who can cheat

Cheating is morally wrong, we’ve already established that. Some people have a very hard time even thinking of cheating on their significant other. The thought of hurting her or being disloyal to her in any way is hard to bear for them. Then there’s the other type who will be seeing multiple women on a regular basis and when they see him with his girl he will act like she’s his soul mate. If you want to get a side piece you must first make sure that you won’t have a problem with being the guy that can cheat and see no problem with it because I’m telling you, it is a lot harder than it looks. I’ve seen people who think that they can pull it off effortlessly and when they actually got a side piece they got afraid and left her or they just simply couldn’t bear to do it. Don’t be that guy.


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