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This blog is all about girls, dating and sex. Whether you’re the 21st century Casanova or a nerdy geek, never having a girlfriend up to now – you will be served here. You want that easy pickup lines for Tinder? OK, I will provide them. You are in a LTR (long term relationship) looking for ways to spice your (sex-) life up? Here we go!

Before we start – this is a new website, it might take some weeks until there is all the information you’re looking for. Even though the Hipsbear is quite awesome, give me some time to write my knowledge down and come back from week to week. You can also sign up to my newsletter. Actually you should do that.

The Hipsbear knows best.

Not found what you’re after? Give me some time, sign up to my newsletter and come back every week for new stuff. This blog started by the beginning of 2017, so it’s all brand new.