How To Pickup Girls On Tinder In Just 4 Steps

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The world of dating was revolutionized when Tinder was launched in 2012. Trillions (or even more) of people downloaded this app, it was free and nifty. With the location and preferences of your profile, the app shows you potential partners of both genders. Dating made easy – this application was certainly the tool that every lonely soul needed. Now, you have got an app, a great locality, many girls but still most men fail to take advantage of this service.

If you are single (I bet you are) and you have not heard of tinder then you got to wake up and realize that the world is a far better place now. With Tinder in your arsenal, you could go on a date every other day and even let go of commitments. Well, the application has garnered a reputation for being reliable and fast. It is apparent that many guys just log on to this app to send in hundreds of messages and get turned down. A handful of them manage to get a date and even go beyond that.

Picking up is an art – this ubiquitous thought is absolutely true. Girls on tinder like a few guys but get liked by many on the other hand. While some keep wondering about sending a message or getting liked, many people are already getting along with their dates. So, what is wrong with your approach? Why aren’t you getting a date out of this beauty? The simple answer:


Tinder is not some site to engage in a long conversation or find your soul mate (however, you probably could). With only a swipe you can get rejected, and a right one can get you closer to a date. Your approach would be? – Something which can make you unique and eye-grabbing. Think of it as a video game and your mission is to get a girl every time you use it. Tinder hacking is a skill that has to be learnt and perfected. It is just like a crash course on dating and it is damn effective. Sometimes you don’t even need small talk or cheesy pickup lines, and you still get the girl. Sounds easy right? It is and the following exhaustive steps are tailored for you to pickup girls on tinder.

The perfect snap – Step 1

Women left-swipe a lot of guys and all of them have a similar problem – They just don’t look good on their picture. This step is the first and obvious to land a date. Never think “I’m trying this pic even I look like sh..” No matter if you are athletic or healthy, you must have a good image. Everybody has a unique posture which looks good in a picture. Make use of that and take your best photo. It is the first and maybe the only and last impression on the tinder community. If you screw it up you won’t get a like in a million years. Put up something unique – maybe a picture with a pet or a child. Your best picture would be your best pickup line. By the way – research shows, that pics with pets and baby are most appealing to women. You didn’t know that, right?

Be different – Step 2

It is okay if you like to read, watch movies or just hang around with friends. Who doesn’t? But this does not count as interests. Fill up your bio (a couple of sentences is a must) with something that you really are into. Do not copy quotes or lame pickup lines. The girl must get the idea who you are and who you want to be. Showcase your hobby in your picture. Like, if you skateboard then put up your best skateboarding or if you dance do the same. Office-goers can change up their game by putting more casual images than formal. Women are attracted to guys who are sensual and loving. Show them how romantic you can be and you will get a swipe.

Be honest and original – Step 3

Every girl has heard a lot of lame pickup lines, so don’t think that yours will work. Try to be original with your approach. Lines such as “Your lips look so lonely, would they meet mine?” won’t work. Don’t waste the swipe you already got. A simple but unique one liner could be used. You could say “Whoa! Only 10 miles, I can run that far!” or “Did someone tell you that you look like (celebrity or actress) but with bigger ears?”. Stay honest about your height and body; do not exaggerate as it would come off as an icebreaker later. State your correct height so that you do not embarrass yourself or the girl when you meet. Don’t write dumb stuff to be clear here. – Or write stupid stuff only. Why do I care?

Be straightforward – Step 4

Even if the pictures and all the lines don’t work, this will. Tinder, being a dating app and not a platform for sex (uhm…), girls are probably looking for a good relationship or just a flirt. You don’t know until you ask. Trust me, you will save a lot of your time if you keep your flirtatious content aside and ask her out. Only if you like her really much or just want to get laid, use some of your awesome pickup lines. It doesn’t matter what you think unless you get to know what the girl is thinking. Say  “Are we on a date now, is this how it works?” or “You sure look like trouble (wink emoticon)”. Such lines are humorous and the best conversation starters. Vague compliments and strange messages are the tools to rejection. Prevent all of that and replace them with some witty one-liners and write something non-generic.

Well, anything you choose to do, remember that you have a lot of attempts as there are many girls on tinder just waiting for going out on a date. Shed your nervous attitude as whatever you want, the girl wants too. That’s why both of you are on Tinder. It’s no rocket science, just a bit of tweaking and effort. With practice and some rejection, you will be at the top your game. Do your A/B testing. Don’t wait! Go and try these hacks and get on the date you want!

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