The Millionaire’s Brain – 8 Differences To Yours

What makes a millionaire different to you? Apart from around a million pieces of paper with presidents or the Queen on them there is definitely a mindset difference. Sure, you could be a millionaire if you wanted to be and the place to start would be to think like one.



How many times have you heard that you need to be focused? You probably don’t know because you weren’t paying as much attention as you should have been. If you want to be rich you’ve got to make that your goal, you need to put all other thoughts aside and think only about making money. That’s not to say that you can become a millionaire by willpower alone because you can’t, but you would need to make everything you do about making money. There can be no distractions. Look over there. Did you just look? Then you failed. Focus!



The rich expected to become rich and expect to become richer still. It might seem arrogant, but belief is apparently part of the key to success. Experts agree that if you think you’ll fail then you will fail. Rich people have applied the reverse to this – if you think you’ll be a success then you will be a success.



“You have to speculate to accumulate,” or so they say. Gambling is risky, of course. Buying and selling stocks and shares is no less risky than betting on horse racing or football, even with a good amount of knowledge. The rich don’t let the element of risk stop them though. If anything it drives them onwards. And they think nothing of investing or speculating with money which isn’t even theirs. Few people who have got rich from any kind of business bankrolled themselves in the beginning, instead taking business loans from a bank or private investors. You have to dare to take that first leap.



There is no place for negativity with millionaires. A can do attitude is another key to success. Also a rich person’s attitude to money is a lot different than the way us mere paupers look at it The rich think of money in a more logical way, seeing it as a tool to acquire more money, whereas those at the bottom end of the scale see it as a source of worry. As is often the case, it’s easy to make more money when you’ve already got loads and don’t really need more. The rich look at poverty as a scourge, which might seem harsh. This is a mantra which keeps many millionaires motivated to continue to make money. Money can’t buy you happiness, it has been said, but it sure helps.



As well as a logical approach to money, millionaires have a logical approach to investing. They accept that some ventures will lose and some will win and never ever chase their losses like people with less money might. Their lives are just balance sheets with some ups and downs, but overall their net worth climbs steadily upwards. The rest of us don’t want to lose any of the little we have and would find it hard to approach life in this way.



Millionaires dream of money. They might well even count golden sheep in order to get to sleep in the first place. But wait a minute, don’t we all dream of money? Well yes, we do. The difference is that you or I might have a “when I win the lottery…” kind of dream where we’ll think about going on a lavish holiday and buying a nice car, but barring us beating odds of several million to one it’s likely to remain just that – a dream. The super rich dream of what they want and make it a reality. It hardly seems fair, does it? But daring to dream is another driving force. It’s what gets millionaires out of bed in the morning. The rest of us no longer have the hope of a bright future and hide under the covers until the last minute every morning. Stark contrasts.



Knowledge is power, or at least it can be. Millionaires would rather be educated than entertained. Many of us might like to read a paperback when we’re on holiday. Millionaires will be reading about business or perhaps learning new skills that can make them more money. Money truly is their focus 24/7. You need to learn how the markets work and look at trends to be able to play them properly. The rich have the mindset for this whereas those of us on a budget don’t so much.



This is the part where most of us might struggle. Sure, everyone likes to think they’re a nice guy and some us might be, but if you want to be a millionaire that doesn’t work. In fact if you want to be a millionaire you might well have to be a complete bastard to a lot of people. Some of these people might be friends or family members. Could you do it? If you could then you might be able to become a millionaire. Remember nobody got rich by wasting money, so you’ll have to pay anyone who works for you the absolute minimum, you’ll work them like slaves and they’ll all hate you. If you would still be able to sleep at night and not worry that you’re treating employees like cattle and if you don’t fear union action or a lawsuit against you for offering a poor work environment for your employees then your bank balance could be increased exponentially. Real nice guys won’t get rich though. I’d just like to point out that I’m not implying for one minute that all millionaires are bastards. I’m sure some of them are great, caring people. You see, I’m not millionaire material as I do fear lawsuits.


So there we have it. That’s what sets millionaires apart from the rest of us. Do you have what it takes? Or are you still holding out for that illusive lottery win?

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